Approach to Turn Left

Position 1
M S P S L then check centre and left mirror if safe signal left. Position 1 meter approximately from the left with your speed needing to be reduced to 10 /15 mph by 3 car lengths away from turn.

Position 2
Assess the road ahead and the road you are turning into then check your left wing mirror before turning into the new road. Steer ½ to ¾ turn left depending on the type of bend.

Position 3
Once in new road check centre and right mirrors and drive on, do not accelerate too much if being overtaken. NB if the road you are turning into is narrow or visibility is poor you may need to reduce your speed to an elderly persons walking pace ½ -1 car length away from the turn. But to keep the car slow, keep the footbrake covered until you have turned into the new road and started to straighten up the wheels.