Approach to Turn Right

Position 1
M S P S L then check centre and right mirror if safe signal right. Position just to the left of the centre line with your speed needing to be 10/15 mph, 3 car lengths from the turn.

Position 2
Assess the road ahead, oncoming traffic having priority, (can we walk across the road?) and the road we are turning into. Then if safe at your point of turn (centre line of new road on right wing mirror) check your right wing mirror before steering, ¾ to 1 ⅓ turns right.

Position 3
If it is not safe to turn then take up a hold back position before your point of turn (braking to a stop with the foot brake and then secure if necessary with the handbrake). NB if the road you are turning into is narrow or visibility is poor you may need to reduce your speed to an elderly persons walking pace ½ -1car length away from the turn. But to keep the car slow, keep the footbrake covered until you have turned into the new road and started to straighten up the wheels. In the new road check mirrors. Look for road markings near junctions i.e. yellow box. Think about keeping junctions clear to allow emergency vehicles passage?