Highly recommend you to all who want to pass.

Just want to let you know how grateful I am for your brilliant teaching skills. I was nervous and you gave me the confidence to drive. As an instructor you are patient. Developing your learners needs. Keeping a driving record where they can see improvements. Which not all instructors do. You are brilliant. Thorough. Caring. Thoughtful. And patient all the qualities of good teacher. Even to the end with the Bachs rescue remedy on the day of the test and cough lozenges for tickly coughs.

Highly recommend you to all who want to pass.

I’d recommend Atley Driving School to everyone

I chose Atley Driving School thanks to the number of excellent reviews, and I wasn’t disappointed. From start to finish Dale delivered top quality instruction. He helped me to develop confidence and skill which got me through my test first time with only 2 minors. I’d recommend Atley Driving School to everyone who wants a top quality driving instructor. Cheers, Dale, you’re first class.

Patience of a saint.

I started my lessons with dale after completing 10 hours of driving with an instructor who made me more nervous that when I started. Dale instantly put me at ease with his laid back approach and light hearted nature. I was pregnant when joined Dale so I was quite a scatter brain and there were days that I couldnt tell my left from right. I didnt have much confidence when I started but by the end of it I felt I could take on the stig. I passed my test first time round and it is all down to Dale. I will miss our wee lessons but im sure Dale wont miss my potty mouth in the car. I couldnt recommend Dale highly enough.

Maireid Boden

I passed the test FIRST TIME !

” I passed the test FIRST TIME today and all thanks to Dale! I was very nervous and unconfident when I first started driving ,  but with Dale’s patience (my  goldfish memory is a bit of a problem ☺), various ways of teaching and his professionalism,  I got there in the end. I’ve gained the confidence and overcame fear of driving within first few lessons.   Dale always cheered me up and made me feel at ease, it was fun to learn. Thank you so much for all your help and hard work you put in. I will miss our drives, and hopefully will see you again for some more motorway lessons.  I would definitely recommend Dale to anyone planning to learn and pass their driving test.  Thank you and good luck with everything!  Ksenia  ”

Thanks again Dale for everything

I recommend Dale to everyone for helping you pass your driving test with ease. You can tell he has years of experience which makes you feel at ease that you are being taught by a top professional. Dale has so much patience , knowledge, meticulous in his teaching and a great sense of humour which will make you relax in moments of stress. Thanks to all these qualities I passed my test first time with only 2 minor faults! I am forever grateful to Dale for helping me achieve my goals. I have learned so much and its been fun! xx Adios amigo

Congratulations Matthew Cookson for Passing His Driving Test!

I’ve Passed My Driving Test Today want to say big thank you to Dale he’s very outstanding person to teach how to learn to drive and he make me passed the test. Also my recommended if you want to learn to drive ask for Dale Atley, also he have great Deaf Awareness as he’s very patience with Deaf People, people who are Deaf in the North West his support is so good I can honest to say!

Very well done Sarah ,passed your test first time with only 1 minor fault ,brilliant result !

I can’t thank Dale enough for being my driving instructor. And because of him I passed both my theory and practical driving test first time round!

He is very kind and patient. And he is able to give clear, helpful instructions and corrections which allow you to become confident and thorough driver. He is also funny, which makes the lessons enjoyable and puts you at ease to get rid of the nerves. I would recommend him to anyone!

Thank you so much Dale!

Sarah 🙂

Having Dale as my instructor was the perfect choice

Having Dale as my instructor was the perfect choice. After leaving my first instructor as nothing more than a nervy, dire driver who dreaded having lessons, Dale quickly changed my outlook on it. Having lessons with Dale quickly improved my attitude towards driving, as well as my driving ability. Over time my self-confidence increased as Dale’s near perfect tutelage quickly ironed out almost all of my basic mistakes. Dale’s by-the-book approach to teaching set me on a straight path to passing first time in as quick a time as possible.

Dale is a nice and genuine person. It’s more than easy to form a friendship with him. He’s patient and knows exactly how to correct errors in people’s driving, and will be completely honest with you the whole time you are his student. If you want a no-nonsense instructor that won’t waste your time, then he’s the man for you.

Good luck in the future 🙂

See you around!


Congratulations Jasinah Ryan on passing your Driving Test

Congratulations Jasinah Ryan on passing your Driving Test on your first try { just like Mr Zoo } at Preston Test Centre on the third of September 2015 very well done!

“I have loved every minute of my driving experience all because of Dale’s great teaching. Hardly any of my relatives are drivers so I had no private sessions whatsoever, yet I felt so confident driving! Dale has a calm teaching style as he always gives positive feedback instead of making you feel pressured or guilty even when you know you’ve messed up. I’m so happy to have passed my driving test 1st time and I only have Dale to thank for his amazing lessons. I 100% recommend Dale if you want to pass 1st time. Thank you so much, I can’t wait to hit the roads.”

Thanks for everything Dale 🙂 x