Having Dale as my instructor was the perfect choice

Having Dale as my instructor was the perfect choice. After leaving my first instructor as nothing more than a nervy, dire driver who dreaded having lessons, Dale quickly changed my outlook on it. Having lessons with Dale quickly improved my attitude towards driving, as well as my driving ability. Over time my self-confidence increased as Dale’s near perfect tutelage quickly ironed out almost all of my basic mistakes. Dale’s by-the-book approach to teaching set me on a straight path to passing first time in as quick a time as possible.

Dale is a nice and genuine person. It’s more than easy to form a friendship with him. He’s patient and knows exactly how to correct errors in people’s driving, and will be completely honest with you the whole time you are his student. If you want a no-nonsense instructor that won’t waste your time, then he’s the man for you.

Good luck in the future 🙂

See you around!


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