Left Reverse

Position 1 (from the side of the road before the junction you are reversing into)
P, O, M, when approaching the junction check mirrors (centre and right).

Position 2
Check mirrors, scan the road you are reversing into then check mirrors again and signal left. Assess the type of bend either it is a sharp or sweeping bend before pulling up.

Position 3
Check mirrors and pull up 2-3 car lengths passed the junction approximately 30 – 40 cm from kerb. Apply the foot brake and put the car into reverse then cancel your signal, open your window to listen for other traffic whilst doing the manoeuvre. Carry out full observations and if clear and safe reverse to your point of turn at a slow speed (old person walking pace) looking mainly over shoulders but also checking the mirrors. Every 2 seconds look in another direction until you reach your point of turn.

Position 4
Your point of turn is when the rear left wheel is in line with the 1st of the kerbs turning away. Pause and check all observations and turn the required amount for the type of turn. If sharp use ¾ to full left lock if sweeping use ½ to ¾ left lock. NB full observations at all times .If the gap between the car and the kerb is too wide steer more to the left. If it is too narrow then steer right. Start to straighten up just before the car becomes level with the kerb.

Be prepared to give way at all times. If reversing up a hill your right foot will be over gas and if level or down hill your right foot will be over the brake. If you hear another vehicle pause until you can see it, everyone else has priority. Continue reversing observing everywhere till asked to stop