Parallel Parking

Position 1
From the side of the road assess how the other vehicle is parked i.e. how close it is to the kerb then,

Position 2
P O M, when approaching the vehicle check mirrors and signal left if necessary then check mirrors again before pulling up. You must be level with the end of the car furthest away with 1 meter gap between vehicles, apply footbrake place car into reverse and open window.

Position 3
P O M straight line reverse observing all the time and changing direction of observations every 2 seconds but looking mainly over your shoulders. Your speed must be slow (old person walking pace) until you reach 1st point of turn (when STOP sign, rear left window, is in line with other end of car.

Position 4
Pause, observe then steer 1 turn of the wheel left (360 degrees). 2nd point of turn is when in your left wing mirror, the kerb is positioned at the door handle/top of wheel arch, steer full right lock. NB ask yourself if you are going in enough or not. If the gap is good then steer left to straighten up just before the car is parallel to the kerb (tape to the top twice) If you have little or no gap between car and kerb STOP and drive forward steering 2 turns left till you have a 20 cm gap then reverse again steering to the right till nearly parallel and then straighten up. If the gap between the car and kerb is too wide then while still reversing steer 2 turns left till the gap is reduced then steer right to bring the front of the car in then again steer left to straighten up. We are allowed to jockey back and forth to the correct position. NB at second point of turn ensure you have clearance between the rear right and front left of the cars. We have two car lengths in which to complete the manoeuvre.